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Here are 10 reasons why Python is necessary in business world and how to use it

Python is one of the most mind-blowing open-source, object-situated programming languages accessible wherever on the lookout. It uses English keywords, while other programming languages use accentuation. It may vary from person to person where few practices for web development projects, product advancement and some will use in their organization.

Python allows us to plan a meaningful and simple code that can be used at both frontends, backend, and also in the frameworks. beyond this, it additionally enables the test-driven programming approach and application enhancement for decision making in data sciences, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning (ML) capabilities for the formation of remarkable applications.

Most of the mnc’s in the market utilize Python. Among them Google uses it for centralized server establishment and management, DropBox for its cloud-based administrations, YouTube for the coordination of streaming videos into their web pages, Twitter for posting tweets, Instagram for its Django structure, Wikipedia MoinMoin is a wiki motor, WAS for Nasa are a couple of models.

Simple and Easy to Learn

Python is easy to learn and read since it closely resembles the English language and it is a very powerful language and takes absolutely no skills to learn Python since it is free and open-source and it is a high-level language where one doesn’t need to bother about the low level where you can simply write the code in English and python will convert it into low-level details also python is an interpreted language where machine reads and interprets the code where all the errors are checked during the runtime.


Python has a large community where if you have any doubt or any technical issue you can see thousands of python community members on social forums like Twitter, Facebook and question and answers sites and everywhere if you compare python with any other programming language that is C, C++, Java, PHP, and others, Python has to outshine among all its peers.

In Python we don’t need to deal with the complex syntax for example in Java for printing hello world this is the syntax whereas in Python it’s a one-liner code.


Portable and Extensible

Portability of the Python means it supports most platforms present in the industry today where it could be windows, mac, or Linux as well as a PlayStation supports Python.

Extensibility in Python means complete integration of Java as well as .net components and even if you wish you can also invoke C and C++ libraries and therefore we can perform cross-language operations with Python with which Python is extensible with most of the programming languages.

Web Development

This is the popular reason to choose Python was web programming with Python chooses a lot of choices as Python has an array of frameworks for developing websites and the most popular frameworks available in Python are Django, Flask, Pylons, Web2py where Django and all other frameworks are written in Python which is the core reason than makes Python faster and stable and there is another Python framework named as Frost which is tiny and majorly built for customizability where once we start using this framework you will never look back to PHP or other programming languages.

Python also supports web scrapping which is nothing but fetching details from any other website and storing it in your local system and you will also be impressed as many websites such as Instagram, bitbucket, Pinterest is built on these frameworks.

Aritificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the next huge development that is happening in the world of technology and now it is combined with the libraries such as sci-kit-learn, Python can do complex calculations with just a single statement, and libraries such as Keras and TensorFlow adds machine learning functionality into the mix and now with the artificial intelligence, we can make a machine mimic the human brain which has the power to think to analyze and make decisions on it and also we have libraries such open Cv that helps in image processing and recognition such as computer vision that can detect the things as per requirement.

Artificial intelligence is the broader concept of machines being able to carry out tasks in a way that we consider smart and also helps in boosting the overall productivity of the company by saving their time and money where all these can be achieved by using python.

Computer Graphics

Python is largely used in small, largely online, or offline projects. It is used to build GUI which stands for graphical user interface and also for desktop applications and then we can use it also for game development.

Tkinter is the standard GUI library used in Python for developing GUI applications. we also have Jython which provides seamless access to Java for Python scripts and we can use wxPython which is an open-source Python interface for windows and Pygame is used for game development where gaming logic can be written and Pygame applications can be run on android devices.

Testing Frameworks

Python is great for validating ideas or products for established companies. now creating software is not an easy task as it contains many processes starting from its design, code and test cases where software testing is undoubtedly the most important process of software life cycle and it is also the challenging task for the software tester to choose the best programming language and for automation testing Python is the best solution since it has many built-in testing frameworks that cover debugging and fastest workflows and there are lot of tools and modules that make the things much easier such as selenium which is a popular automation tool and we also have Splinter that supports cross-platform & cross-browser with frameworks such as PI test and Robert frame.

Since software testing is a tedious task Python is a booster for it because of its libraries, frameworks, and modules.

Big Data

Python can handle a lot of hassles of data and supports parallel computing and for loops as well and in Python, we have a library called Pydoop where you can write a MapReduce program in Python and process the data which is present in the HDFS cluster and also there are other libraries such as Dask and PySpark for big data processing.

Scripting & Automation

Many people know Python as a programming language but it can also be used as a scripting language where the code is written in the form of scripts and gets executed so the machine runs and interprets the code whereas all your error checking is done during runtime and once this code is checked it can be used several times. So the important difference between scripted language and compiled language is that you don’t have to worry about running a compiler ahead of time where technically Python is compiled at runtime that is the compiling happens when you run the program. So by automation, you can automate certain tasks in a program, for example, you can open a browser and post a Facebook status so this is where automation plays a major role in Python.

Data Science

Python is the leading language for many data scientists and now for years academic scholars and PI filed researchers were using MatLab language for scientific research now that all has been changed with the release of Python numerical engines such as NumPy and Pandas. Python also deals with the tabular matrix as well as statistical data and it also visualizes it with popular libraries such as Matplotlib and Seaborn.

For example, you have a large amount of data let’s say in terabytes or petabytes, and using Python we can easily get the insights out of this huge data.

Popularity & High Salary

All the features of Python look pretty interesting but what about the pay? Python engineers have the highest salaries in the industry and avg python developer salary in the USA is $116028 per year and if you see trend Python is still there and has had a strong spike in popularity over the last year and there many big players in the industry who has been using Python for a quite long time. Here is Google who is using Python for web searches and youtube is largely written in Python and there are many more companies to talk about.