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What is a List Data Structure in Java

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In this tutorial, we are going to learn about List DataStructure in detail.


  • A List is an abstract data type, which means it is an interface with no exceptions.
  • In Java list interface is present in java.util package.
  • The classes that implement list data structure stores the ordered collection of objects. It can have duplicate values.
  • List interface is implemented by the classes ArrayList, LinkedList, Vector, and Stack.
  • Have a look at List interface which has various methods that can be used to insert, delete, and access the elements from the list.

Abstract Data Type

  • The representation of the data structure is hidden.
  • The only means for modifying the data structure or retrieving information about it is to call one of the operations associated with the abstract data type.

Abstract Data Type = Interface + Implementation

  • The interface defines the logical properties of the ADT, and especially the profiles or signatures of its operations.
  • The implementation defines the representation of the data structure and the algorithms that implement the operations