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How to create a new Spring project using Spring Boot Initializr

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In this tutorial we are learning about creating a new Spring project using Spring Boot Initializr.

A Spring project can be created through the IDE i.e. using Spring tool suite where we need add the project dependencies manually.

Spring Initializr helps to create a new Spring Boot application in a real quick way.

We have few options to select here as shown in the image like build environment i.e. Maven or Gradle, Language i.e. Java or Kotlin or Groovy and Spring Boot version.


Under Project Metadata we have Group i.e. package name, Artifact i.e. project name, Name is also the project name, Description of the project and Package name again same as Group.

After this we are going to select the Packaging type i.e. bundling of our project to an web archive or Java archive for deployment and we also have an option in selecting which Java version to use in our application.

The Most important thing for the application to run i.e. Dependencies and here we have already quick suggestions like to add Web to support Restful web services.

If we need to use Java persistence API to persist our Java object with hibernate into MySQL database for example, we will use JPA.

Now all you need to do is to click on the generate button and a zip file will be downloaded into your downloads, you can unzip that and import that in any IDE and can start your application development.


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