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What is Bounded Context in Microservices

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In this tutorial, we are going to learn about Bounded Context, which is a very common question in the interview room.

Bounded Context

  • Bounded Context is a concept in Domain Driven Design(DDD).
  • DDD is a framework of analyzing and modelling large problems, models, and teams.
  • The entire issue is a Domain, for example Drone Delivery System.
  • Domain model is the representation of a real thing in the world i.e., Drone, User, or a package which is similar to an object-oriented programming.
  • A bounded context is simply the boundary within a domain where a particular domain model applies. Let’s say you have a domain called order or product. When we work with the product or with the order to receive the order, which is a different when compared to the shipping of a product. The way we deal with the model is called as bounded context.
  • In microservice, one bounded context represents one microservice.

To understand this in more detailed. Let’s look at the below example. bc

  • We have two bounded contexts i.e., Sales context and other one is support context.
  • Customer and product models, Customer is a shared entity across the entire system between the two contexts.
  • The way we deal with the customer and product in the sales and support is different.
  • In sales context we want to receive the order and whereas in the support context customer has question or complaint. So they are dealt based on their contexts.