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What are the ways to build Microservices

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In this tutorial, we are going to learn about the ways and architectural ways of building microservices.

Single-Tenant Microservice

One microservice on one virtual server. This is a good way of breaking down the large on-premises, monolithic systems into smaller manageable services and migrating them to the cloud.

Containerized Microservice

Each microservice runs as a Docker container and for this, we need an orchestrator like google’s Kubernetes.

Serverless Microservices

In this, there are no servers and no containerization. we create very Small microservices using languages such as Python, Java, or .net and then we deploy them to the cloud provider i.e., Amazon Lambda in AWS.

SpringBoot in Java

It is a good way of implementing and deploying microservices. The good thing about the spring boot is that if you don’t use any cloud technologies because you work in a large organization that has so many on-premises systems in their own data center and later we can move the microservices into the cloud.