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What is a Strangler Application in Microservices

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In this tutorial, we are going to learn about Strangler Application in Microservices.

Strangler Application in Microservices

  • This is an approach for migrating legacy monolithic applications to microservices architecture. During the migration, there is no scope for the downtime of application because of the business needs.
  • For that, we modernize the application incrementally by developing a new Strangler application around the legacy application. In this scenario, the strangler application has a microservice’s architecture.

Let’s have a look at the below picture Where we go from left to right over time and the Blue Arrow is the time and a monolithic application at the bottom of that picture which is the same monolithic application over time.


  • At the beginning of the time, the monolithic application is quite large and further broken down two of its functionalities into two microservices.
  • So the monolithic application becomes smaller and smaller. Since we are breaking each module into microservices until monolithic application becomes minimal or none.
  • This is the best way in migrating a monolithic application into a microservice architecture.