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How Apache Camel is used in the enterprise integrations and its overview

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In this tutorial, We are going to get a detailed overview of Apache camel and what is the problem that Apache Camel solves.

Enterprise Integrations are very complex

Enterprises have hundreds and thousands of applications with the below features:

  1. Complex communication patterns.
  2. Variety of transports- HTTP, Queues etc.
  3. Variety of protocols- HTTP, JMS, AMQP

The evolution of Cloud and Microservices makes enterprises application integrations more complex as shown in the below image where these Microservices may communicate with different communication patterns, Variety of transports like HTTP, Queues etc. and Variety of protocols like HTTP, JMS, AMQP.

ms overview

How can we simplify Enterprise integrations?

By following enterprise integration patterns.

How to implement enterprise integration patterns?

Using Apache Camel

  • Open-source enterprise integration framework that easily integrates systems consuming or producing data.
  • Inspired by “enterprise integration patterns” – Gregor Hohpe and bobby woolf.
  • Evolved to microservices architectures and cloud.

Lean – lightweight and extensible:

  • Provides 100+ components for databases, message queues, APIs, Cloud integration, etc.
  • Supports 200+ protocols, modes of transport, data formats, and 300+ converters.
  • Provides domain-specific language (DSL) customized to suit the needs of application integration.

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