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Is Oracle JDK Free again - for Java developers

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I hope everyone has a follow-up on Java releases which are happening every six months. In September Oracle had announced that Java 17 and the changes concerning licenses of its new Java versions and the subsequent releases.

We have a website called (Inside Java)[] which is a community version that releases a log of blog posts on Java updates.

There is a blog post published by Oracle stating “Introducing the free Java License”. So the back story of this blog post that happened in 2017 is this, that Oracle has created an Oracle technology network license for which we need to pay for every Oracle JDK that we run in the production when we are licensing or commercializing the application.

Now Oracle is reverting the Oracle technology network licenses and launched the “Oracle no fee terms and conditions licenses” and this is a specific version of JDK which is not an open JDK. But we can use oracle JDK for free and can make money by commercializing the applications using oracle JDK. Since the community is huge, Oracle has decided to revert its licensing decision because of its usage in the IT industry.

In the earlier notice, there was six-month release cycles or release cadence. If we see in detail from Java 8 to Java 9 it was a leap of three years for Oracle to launch JDK 9 from then they have adopted the six months cadence.

Now the licensing issue has been reverted. Most of the applications using Java 8 will be using Java 17 and for every two years we can use the new Java version with more updates and improvements.

There is also a new website launched by the community called the ([] and its the new developer community website where you can get a lot of features and updates on Java programming.