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How to configure additional classpath in SpringBoot

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In this tutorial we are going to learn about configuring the additional classpath in SpringBoot.

Firstly you can use the loader.path parameter to define a location for an external lib folder. All jars under this folder will be added to the classpath. For example, if you’d like to define C:\extLib as your external lib folder, you can do the following:

java -Dloader.path=/C:/extLib/ -jar aapName.jar

For this to work, you need to use the PropertiesLauncher. There are two ways to do that:

Option 1

Update the project pom.xml and add the following tag:

<configuration>  <!-- added -->
  <layout>ZIP</layout> <!-- to use PropertiesLauncher -->

Effective build tag, the post-update looks like below:

            <configuration>  <!-- added -->
                <layout>ZIP</layout> <!-- to use PropertiesLauncher -->

Option 2

Use the PropertiesLauncher when launching the application from the commandline:

java -cp aapName.jar -Dloader.path=/C:/extLib/ org.springframework.boot.loader.PropertiesLauncher